June 1, 2005


For you [May 21]

This is not another poem written by a broken-hearted
But I’ve thought of writing a poem for you instead.
Hope it will make you smile after reading this,
You know who you are… you’re someone I really miss.

I’ve realized last Thursday,
It has been a long time since I started loving you each day.
The memories we’ve shared with each other…
Boy it was really fun when we were together!

The world is full of problems, yes you were right.
There were countless days we also had a fight.
But then again we still managed to survive the game…
Because we both know without each other, everything is not the same.

There were instance I felt so weak…
I can’t forget the day when you were also sick.
I wanted to do something but then you’re far away from me,
I hope you at least felt how much I care for you sincerely.

My life changed when you weren’t here
It finally came… one of my greatest fears.
At first I was not used to with that situation…
But I did understand maybe you have to end your mission.

Do you know what made me strong…?
It’s you my darling, the reason why I hold on for so long.
I know this is not enough but let me end it here…
“Ahibak amiry”, I hope that’s now clear!

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February 18, 2005

last year

I made this poem last year... February 14, 2004... dedicated to 'him'

My Valentine
I was so sad yesterday
Because the person I love so much went away.
We finished what we’re supposed to do…
And it hurts so much but what can I do?

Day before Valentine’s Day, we were over
Isn’t it painful to feel with your lover?
But that’s also the only answer I got…
To stop this pains… and to me he means a lot.

“Give us a break”, to him is what I said…
Now I wonder, how are we going to mend?
Honestly I don’t want our love to end…
But I also love myself and that’s what I want to defend.

I know it’s not the right time now…
But I will still wait and keep my vow.
Give me a sign to stop this craziness I feel…
Because I feel like your love for me seems unreal.

Let you go is what my brain says…
To love you more is what I often confess.
Stay by your side is what my heart wants me to do…
But sweetie it’s just hard to decide coz I don’t know what to.

I want you to be my valentine forever…
To fight especially for you I don’t really bother.
I wish cupid would hit me forever his arrow…
Because I want to love you all the time so I won’t feel sorrow.

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February 17, 2005

the same thought

“I do still love you”
I’ve lost you and each day I don’t know what I feel
Why is there such thing as “not” for real?
Maybe I’ve started to moved on by now,
But the fact without you, I can’t accept until now.

There were restless nights I had dreamt about you
Why even in my fantasy I could not have you?
I can’t understand my dreams, was that your goodbye?
You didn’t give me a chance and that makes me want to die.

I’m starting to love someone new but you were always on my mind
That is not fair because you never express what you have inside.
Sadness is still dominating here in my emotions…
I thought pretending to forget you were the answer to my questions.

The misery you have left may not be healed
Looking for the answers, maybe that’s what I am destined.
I guess I won’t feel at ease unless you tell me what I deserve to know
Maybe this feeling won’t fade away though you tell me to go.

“Hanggang ngayon”
Bakit ikaw pa rin ang nilalaman ng puso ko?
Hanggang ngayon ang pag-ibig mo ang laging hanap ko.
Bakit di ko magawang kalimutan ka ng tuluyan?
Papaano mo nagawang ako’y iyong pabayaan?

Akala ko ba hanggang sa dulo tayo ang magkasama
Sinabi mong ako’y iyong mahal at muling pinaasa.
Naniwala ako sapagkat ikaw ay iniirog ko,
Ngunit hindi ko alam kung bakit naaaliw ka tuwing ako’y iyong niloloko?

Maayos ang naging simula pero ano ang nangyari?
Iniwan mo akong luhaan na wala man lang pasabi.
Sobrang sakit ng idinulot mo sa akin…
Kahit gustong sumabog ng puso ko ay walang mangyayari kung ika’y sisisihin.

Kailan ko kaya tuluyang matatanggap?
Na ang pinakamamahal ay wala kahit man sa pangarap.
Ano ba ang aking pagkukulang, ibinigay ko naman ang lahat
Siguro’y magpakamatay para sa iyo ay di pa rin magiging sapat.

Oo mahal pa rin kita at yan ang aking problema
Dahil alam kong pag wala ako ikaw ay mas masaya.
Para akong sinaksak… di lang isang beses kundi dalawa
Kailangan kong maging matatag kahit ako’y iyong iniwan na.

Posted by lilmzpnai
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